Robert Cook

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Patriot & Assassin


COOCH and crowd are back! They’re trying fix the Middle East from the ground up, using history’s lessons from the Enlightenment; it’s working. Al- Qaeda is getting in the way in the way with a plot to kill tens of thousands of Americans in a single blow. Along the way, Cooch is captured and questioned.Cooch leads a Rhodes Scholar Seal, a MacArthur winning, Caltech physicist who is smarter than the rest of us,a former USMC Master Sniper and the former director of the CIA’s special ops unit, now in the White House. Together, they engage a large contingent of Al-Qaeda, while improving the life of Muslims across the Middle East.If you love history’s lessons of how the Western World was built, Cooch and company will make you optimistic about making the Middle East a better place to live. They don’t disdain violence on this journey, nor do they mind using the latest technology to make both the journey and the violence easier.