Author Robert Cook headshotI am deeply grateful for all of the experience life has provided me. I had the opportunity to serve my country in Vietnam. With my beautiful wife, Paula, I  had the pleasure of running Dancing Hares Vineyard in Napa Valley, California for the last twenty five years. And I have been an active philanthropist for causes that I believe will make our world a better, more peaceful place.

My passion is education, which is why I endowed the Robert E. Cook Honors College at my alma mater, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I firmly believe that education can transform individuals and humanity. This fuels my desire to tell stories that both entertain and enlighten. Nothing pleases me more than when readers tell me that my books made them consider a new idea or think about life differently. Whether that person is an adult who has read one of my national security thrillers, or a student who has read my young adult adventure book, I am honored to be part of his or her journey toward greater understanding of himself and the world. Some have called my books “thrillers for the thinking person.” To me, this is the greatest compliment I could receive. I am humbled by this feedback and am inspired to keep striving to tell a better story with each book I write.

Independent Publisher Book Awards - Gold Medal

Independent Publisher Book Awards
Gold Medal-Winning Author

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