The Cooch Thrillers


Cooch won an IPPY gold medal for thrillers, Patriot and Assassin is out now, and Pulse will soon be available. The third of the Cooch thrillers is far from the last!

The back story is that the lessons of the Enlightenment period of the mid-1600s to the 20th century are directly applicable to the Middle East today. There, women are suppressed and mistreated, education is discouraged and a theocracy is omnipotent. Alejandro ‘Cooch’ Cuchulain and his merry band are bringing those lessons to the Middle East.

Pulse by Robert Cook - Book CoverPulse

Author Robert Cook’s new book PULSE is out, the third in the Cooch series of national security thrillers. “Move over Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher, Cooch has taken over the helm!”

Iran has developed a nuclear weapon and is about to use it against Israel. The US decides to preemptively attack Iran. Pulse swirls through Tangier, Washington, Camp David and Tehran in an exciting blend of dynamic writing and believable plot.
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PatriotAssassin_330Patriot & Assassin

Patriot and Assassin places the protagonist, Alejandro ‘Cooch’ Cuchulain, at the heart of a plot to release nerve gas in one of our nation’s busiest stadiums, then later into the sadistic hands of the terrorist who planned that attack. Together with his team, Cooch will engage a large contingent of Al-Qaeda, among others, while working to improve the life of Muslims.
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Cooch_330 Cooch

Alejandro Mohammed Cuchulain, called Cooch or Alex, became a Marine at sixteen and a CIA special-operations trainee at 17. His father is a wheel-chair bound former Marine and Medal of Honor winner who gives Alex advice as to how to survive in a violent world. Cooch is just the beginning in this series of thrillers for thoughtful readers interested in observing strong, complex characters meeting complex world-wide challenges.
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Karim and Salima Kufandi have survived the streets of Tangier on their own. Orphaned and alone they’ve found their own way, until a fateful night and a cafe brawl see them shipped away from everything they’ve ever known. Now in the cold, barren expanse of Scotland, Karim and Salima must learn to navigate the waters of the exclusive Bairdston School and cross a cultural divide neither ever expected to face.
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