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Karim and Salima Kufandi have survived the streets of Tangier on their own. Orphaned and alone they’ve found their own way, until a fateful night and a cafe brawl see them shipped away from everything they’ve ever known. Now in the cold, barren expanse of Scotland, Karim and Salima must learn to navigate the waters of the exclusive Bairdston School and cross a cultural divide neither ever expected to face.

Can Karim overcome the vendetta of a coach who doesn’t want him on the team? Will anyone ever accept uneducated Salima for the prodigy she really is?

A story of love, acceptance and perseverance, Bairdston asks if the principles of peace and the virtues of intelligence can ever truly light the darkest of all places.

Award-winning author Robert Cook paints an irresistible portrait of teen life in a Muslim meets Western world. Bairdston is a triumphant tale that will capture readers and leave them breathless with every exhilarating page.


The Inspiration behind Bairdston:

Young Adults today face an unsettled, complicated world. Beginning to read about the world’s issues is a start to understanding, but why not gain that knowledge within an action-packed novel they won’t want to put down? No classroom lectures, just an absorbing storyline amid relevant context for today.

The Bairdston adventure is of two Moroccan teens sent to school in Scotland, gaining some important lessons in life. Here is a fun read with a storyline that intervweaves soccer, Muslims, racism, bullying, education and characters they can identify with. Perfect as a $10 holiday gift!

Not often do you get an appealing opportunity to influence the thinking path of your sons and daughters, nephews and nieces and grandchildren. Along the way, Bairdston may even help kick start a quest for knowledge with Google searches to learn a bit more about useful topics. And from an award-winning thriller author and educational philanthropist.

Get a sneak peek!

Download the first 55 pages of Bairdston by author Robert Cook. This 55 page PDF ebook is chock full of action and some snarky bigotry, but no big lessons. If they read this far, they’ll likely read on! You can buy the full book on Amazon!

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