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Gold Medal-Winning Author Robert Cook Sends Protagonist Cooch Back to the Middle East

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St. Helena, CA (PRWeb) December 15, 2014 – Robert Cook, vintner at cult wine producer Dancing Hares Vineyard in St Helena, CA has released the third in the Cooch series of national security thrillers, entitled Pulse. Cook is a gold medal award-winning author, cited for “illuminating digital publishing excellence” in the mystery/thriller category. BUY HERE ON AMAZON.

In Pulse, Iran has developed a nuclear weapon and is about to use it against Israel. The US decides to preemptively attack Iran. Alejandro Cuchulain, Cooch, and his team are sent to convince the Iranians that it’s time to make nice with the world’s military hegemon. In a cover comment, former Deputy Director of Homeland Security and Commandant of the US Coast Guard, says, “Move over Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher, Cooch has taken […] READ MORE

Elit National Gold Medal Award Goes To Cooch Thriller From Author Robert Cook

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Hot-selling thriller, Cooch, has won a national eLit gold medal in the mystery/suspense/thriller category, an honor citing the author for “illuminating digital publishing excellence.” In the fast-paced novel, authored by Robert Cook ( and published by Royal Wulff Publishing, protagonist Alec Cuchulain, “Cooch,” features a hero with one leg in finance and the other in a top-secret role in the U.S. Government.

Direct link: Buy Cooch Kindle or at in various ebook formats.

Cooch has emerged as one of the most unusual killers, with a bent towards both Wall Street and special ops warfare in this national security thriller.

Protagonist Killer Cooch Warms Kindle Readers Hearts This Valentine’s Day With Discount To $4.99

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St. Helena, CA (PRWeb) February 7, 2011

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, author Robert Cook today announced that his new thriller novel, Cooch, has been discounted to $4.99 for the Kindle Edition, through February 14, 2011.  Cooch Kindle Edition at discount pricing is immediately available on  Direct link: Buy Cooch Kindle.

Cooch has emerged as one of the most unusual killers, with a bent towards both Wall Street and special ops warfare in this national security thriller.  Offered from Royal Wulff Publishing and Robert Cook Novels, the novel features protagonist Alec Cuchulain.

Cook develops Alec Cuchulain both as a hedge fund manager and a CIA-sponsored special-ops warrior.  Cooch moves from a Marine at 16, to a noted CIA warrior at age 25 and finally as a hedge fund manager, with stops at […] READ MORE

The Follow Up To Cooch

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I’ve been told that there were enough subplots in Cooch for six books, rather than one. I’m consolidating those a bit with the second book. I originally named the second book A Patriot and an Assassin, but then the current hot thriller writer, Vince Flynn, came out last month with American Assassin, so I may have to change the title. That new thriller was interesting to me, since Flynn chose to talk about the development from youth of his protagonist, Mitch Rapp. I did that, up front, in Cooch, at the price of a slow start I suppose.

The story line in book two is that Cooch has inherited his grandfather’s large commerce business based in Tangier, Morocco, which covers the Middle East and southern Europe and has several thousand employees. […] READ MORE

So Why Did I Write A Thriller?

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Some of you may be curious about why I chose to write a thriller and where I’m going with it, if anywhere. This is a cut at answering that question, with the answer framed with some of the stuff that interests me from Core, the basic course set at the honors college at IUP, where I am involved.

I decided to write a thriller, both because I read and like them and for the broad readership of the genre. For me, the trick is to provide the thriller’s requisite sex and violence with an interesting and different perspective, while setting up the story line that I want to pursue over time. I found that I knew little about how to write fiction, no surprise, but much was […] READ MORE